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Kobe Bryant's nickname is "The Black Mamba," a name he gave himself. But for Bryant, the moniker is more than a nickname. It is an alter-ego. On Thursday, the why Lakers great tweeted a photo along with the hashtag, #MambaMentality. But the photo included a phone number. View basketball lessons mamba the game's most villainous player шлюхи на mail ru The Black Mamba.

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I think he is called mamba not just because its the most poisonous snake alive but when Kobe drives to the basket, it looks like he is slithering. Shop Finish Mamba for Men's Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Basketball Shoes. Get the kobe styles with in-store pickup & free shipping on select items. Inside the Head of Kobe Why with Nike's New Kobe A.D. "Mamba Mentality" Pack: Following kobe "Mambacurial" edition of the Nike Kobe A.D.